jackfish signature golf cart parked at the beach in port aransas, texas

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Jackfish Golf Carts allowed on the Port Aransas Beach?

Yes!! Jackfish Golf Carts are allowed on the beach as well as other vehicles. All Jackfish Golf Carts also come with a Port Aransas Beach Parking Permit. The only Beach Rules are no driving in pot holes or water, and you must stay at least 20 feet from the water’s edge.

Are Jackfish Golf Carts electric or gas?

All Jackfish Golf Carts are gas and come equipped with a full tank of gas. All carts must be returned with a full tank of gas.

Can I drink alcohol and drive my Jackfish Golf Cart?

NO!!!! All vehicular laws apply to Golf Carts in Port Aransas. There will be No Drinking and Driving at Any Time!

What else is there to do in Port Aransas?

For the best tours and restaurants in Port Aransas checkout MyFunPortA.com !! Fishing, waterfront dining, and Pirate Adventures Await You!!!

What happens if there is an accident?

If there is an accident the credit card on file will be charged the full Security Deposit. After that point the customer can contact their own insurance for the full damage payment, and be able to have the Security Deposit refunded after insurance payment is received.